Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Baby Momma Love

Baby Momma Love is the new blog created by two friends who are both Baby Mommies with lots of love! Our circumstances are different but our situations are the same. We wanted to create a blog to share our triumphs, our questions, our stories, our pain, and also connect with other Baby Mommies. Here we can have discussions and debates covering a myriad of topics pertaining to Baby Mommies. Not all Baby Mommies are about drama; there are many of us who are educated, strong, independent, loving, and who will continue to breakdown boundaries everyday.

By seeking understanding and searching for answers we hope to provide a platform to document the evolution of the Baby Momma. We look forward to sharing and hearing from all types of individuals, not only Baby Mommies! We are a new class of women ready to challenge old stereotypes and eager to take the world by storm! Join us as we forge ahead with our new movement.


    can't wait to read what's to come!! its about time there was a blog like this. baby mama drama runs deep and so do my questions! Being the "girlfriend" and one time the financee of a man w/children, i've experienced the dynamic of this unique relationship as I attempt to foster a solid foundation w/ the dad. baby momma drama goes beyond the territorial, ghetto, disrespectful stereotype.

    keep the posts coming!!!

    "kim possible"

  2. i am so happy about this blog I'm looking forward to share my experience and advice. To look forward for answers.

  3. Why do we feel intimidated when a ex find someone new who wants to be in our child or children lives? So many questions comes to mind. We get defensive hold your child or children hostage. Yes we must investigate on who this person is what do they do and do they have their best interest at heart. We have to stop thinking for our own selfish reasons. Sometimes people can bring knowledge and wisdom to help uplift that child. Being parents is a non stop job. you don't stop becoming parents when your kids are teenagers, go off to college or become grown. Are we afraid that our children would like the other more than you. One thing we should remeber is no one can replace a Mother or Father if you have a good relationship with your child.

  4. Reesy,

    thanks so much for touching on this. I think it is normal feelings for someone to feel some kind of way when new people come into our exes lives. It could be a simple thought based on the fact that wow he or she is making this work but couldn't with me. But what matters is how far you take those thoughts. We have to keep our thoughts in check!

    Team Baby Momma #22

    My feelings are that if an individual is truly over the ex, then there would be no sore feelings when they find love. Of course we don't want the person to be cuter, or smarter or funnier:) That's human nature. But whatever the case, the most important thing should be, how will this person influence or treat my child. And I believe if an ex is getting in a serious relationship, then the baby momma or daddy should have the right to at least meet the person who will now be a part of their child's life. If its nothing serious then the children should not have to even know about the other person. Again, at the end of the day; all that matter is the child(ren)!

    Reesy, I love where you mention "We have to stop thinking of our own selfish reasons, sometimes people can bring knowledge or wisdom to help uplift that child."
    That is so true. You never know how someone can influence your child for the better. But it is also up to us as parents to take the time to really know and understand who we are getting involved with. People are good pretenders, and there are a lot of men who are no good, and mean you know good! Sorry guys not trying to bash you:) But men, you also have to know these women who you are bringing around your children. Before you call someone your man or woman you need to know if your child(ren) is even feeling them, believe me, children are great at picking up on negative people. Steve Harvey even mentions it in his book. He states not to wait to long to introduce the children, it could be a simple meeting with no pressure, and don't make it more than it is. Unfortunatley many men & women have kids with more than one person; or there are just fathers/mothers who are no where around!

    So to whoever is reading this, I ask. What is your fear as a parent with regards to your ex moving on? Please be honest it is the only way for others to learn and grow. You never know who you might help with your words:) If you need to post as anonymous do so, we understand!


Your comments and/or questions, stories and information are welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you,
Team Baby Momma