Monday, June 15, 2009

Shoulda Put a Ring on It?

"No, I don't think that once your married you could ever be a baby momma!" Shouted Natalie as she blasted the volume to Beyonce's Shoulda Put Ring on It. "I mean marriage is like so sacred that...I mean it really means something to me," she exclaimed.

"Look, Natalie we totally agree with you about the whole marriage thing and all, we are just saying that anyone could end up being a baby momma," Black countered.

"Well I'm not having children until I'm married," retorted Natalie, again. In the mist of the conversation their was a pause to complete the entire dance routine to Shoulda Put a Ring on It; in front of Natalie's, wall-to-wall, living-room mirror. Afterwards, out of breath she went on to say "being a baby momma is not equivalent to being married."

Completely frustrated, I shouted, "Shit, I know bitches who are married and their husbands don't do shit. They're more like baby mommas than some baby mommas I know."

No, no, I know," cried Natalie, as she walked over to the CD player to find the soundtrack for the next Soul Train line that was about jump-off; again, in front of her, wall-to-wall, living-room mirror, "that's not my point."

"So what the fuck is your point?" Black shouted.

With confidence Natalie said, "I'm just saying that Baby Mommas are like...less than married women."

Team Baby Momma

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  1. Now that is the stupidest shit I ever heard! What makes someone think that being a baby momma is less than being married? I understand and agree with a woman wanting to be married before having children, and according to many including society's view, that is how it should be done. But unfortunately, it doesn't always happen like that. Whatever situation one finds them self in; it is your view of yourself and what you do with your life that matters. You could beat yourself up, live up to stereotypes or you could raise your child to be the best he/she can be. Also there are women who are not married but still in healthy relationships with their child(ren) father; so does that make them less than a woman who is married with a child? Well according to Natalie it does!


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