Monday, December 5, 2011

The Reality of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

There is always some question as to the validity of the story lines with some of these reality shows. But the reality of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)is that these are real women with the same issues that everyday women like you and I go through. Sheree's reality was played out on this past Sunday's episode 12/4/11, as she dealt with the reality of her ex-husband who has not paid child support in four years. The words, emotions and reactions were all too real, and I felt her pain.

I have been watching the "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" since season 1; so I am clear on what's been going on, and have been following the story lines pertaining to each woman. One thing that has been constant since that first season is Sheree's baby daddy, Bob Whitfield and his lack of child support payments. Basically, he has not paid child support in the last four years, and he believes that he should not have to. What is wrong with this picture?

Watching it play out, really saddened me as Sheree calmly asked him about paying. It is my understanding that they are divorced and she was awarded a substantial divorce settlement...which she still has yet to receive. They seem to have gotten the visitation thing down, as the children have their time that they spend at their dad's place, based on his response about them having rooms at his house; as if having a room at his house takes the place of his paying child support...laughable.

Is this man that bitter that he has to deny her what she is due to prove some kind of ignorant point? Do you think he really believes that it requires no money to raise two children? There is some underlying resentment on his end, and why? That is something that he needs to figure out, by either getting professional help, or making a personal committment to self-healing and growth.

My main point in bringing this whole situation up has to do with Sheree not wanting to go back to court, if it requires putting her children's father in jail. I understand how one may feel, no one wants to look like the bad guy:( Or is it a case of being labeled the angry, evil, bitter, black baby momma who wants to see him suffer by putting him in jail? By Sheree exercising her right to go to court, doesn't make her a bad person, nor does it become her fault if they decide to throw him in jail. If he doesn't have the money, why not at least make some type of agreement to paying something, which he could have done with Sheree during their private time. Instead, he just flat out says he is not paying because she is doing what she needs to do and moving unfair.

I saw Sheree in a whole new light during this episode, even faced with the reality that she may never get her child support, the tears dropped as she grappled with feeling like she would be the cause of putting her children's father in jail. She can't be that bad a person if she is still considering his feelings, as well as what her children would think if they found out. Bob Whitfield seems like the type who would play victim, even to his children - all with the intent on making them believe that their mother did this to him because she is money hungry and mean.

Good luck Sheree! in the end, you have to do what is best for you and your children. God got you:)

Would love to hear other's feelings on this, please share - you never know who could benefit by what you have to say - Thank you.

Check out this Clip of the Confrontation from 12/4/11 Episode: (Link provided by Huff Post - Black Voices)

By Team Baby Momma #22