Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is Irv Gotti's Wife a Baby Momma?

Well many would say no, being that she is his wife, after all. But I beg to differ. This is a woman who already had a child, believed she found love, married this man and had his children (and I'm still not clear on that part). But on his show "Gotti's Way" he publicly said that she is not, or was not the one! And when did he come to this realization, at the altar, or after the last child???

Anyway, this woman has been hanging in there for the last seven years being treated as nothing more than a Baby Momma, although she is his wife. So I ask you again, Is Irv Gotti's Wife a Baby Momma? Still many would put her in another category based on the fact that she is someone's wife. The sad part is that she is a woman with a ring who has a husband; but her reality is much different. Like many she is there alone taking care of her children and running her household, wishing for her husband; except in her case she does this only five days a week because he comes there on the weekends (don't know how long that's gonna last). Her wish is the same as a single woman raising a child(ren), as well as a woman with a child(ren) in a relationship with the child's father or with another man.

What is your reality?

I will give Ms. Deb Gotti her props, because on this new season of the show she has definitely become more empowered! You go Deb, loved your interview on the Gail King Show on XM Radio. You have more support than you know. We pray for your continued growth, and that you get the real love you so rightfully deserve:) Salute to all the Wives who are really Baby Mommas!


  1. My girlfriend at work is married and her husband lives in a separate apartment. He does nothing to help with the kids or pay any bills. Now she's a Baby Momma!

  2. Baby momma is a state of mind. wheather you are married with kids fighting with your husband for support or single fighting with your baby daddy for support - you are a baby momma! Hell you are your husband, man, boyfriend momma. It should be a holiday. June 15th BABY MOMMA DAY.


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