Saturday, June 27, 2009

That's Not My Name!

It's a four letter word
and you know you are wrong!
Used to describe me
And lyrics to that song.


They call me CRAZY
They call me BITCHIE
They call me LAME
They call me SHAME!

That's not my Name
That's not my Name
That's not my Name
That's not my....

I'm the last chick standing
up against the wall

With nothing to consider
they forget my Name.

They call me SHESHE
They call me TIKI
They call me MIMI
IT'S all the SAME

That's not my Name
That's not my Name
That's not my Name
That's not my....




Team Baby Momma #39
Power Forward

Friday, June 26, 2009

Will Michael Jackson's Baby Momma...

Be the one to care for his children now that he is no longer with us? Rest in Peace MJ!!! We love you! I am saddened by this loss, because MJ has touched many of our lives for so long. I am happy to have experienced his music, and genius!

But I can't help thinking about his children. He has been the one taking care of them, so in a way MJ has been a Baby Momma:) But will the children's mother step in, did MJ already have it arranged as to who would be the provider for these children? These are things to think about as a parent?

Do you as a parent have a living will and trust in place? What arrangements have you made for your children, or is this something that you have not thought about? Lets be honest with ourselves. As a parent there is nothing that we would not do for our children; so I am sure not knowing what would become of them after we pass on is a scary thought!

Would you feel comfortable with your child's father being the one raising your children? Do you have a child's father who would automatically step in and handle the bizness? What about those children whose father's are not in their lives? Have you thought about the effect it would have on your family? Do you have family members who would help out, keep the children together if there's more than one? What if you have more than one child by different men?

What about women in relationships with men who have children that they are raising, and there's no mom around? Would you step up if there was no one to care for their children if something happened to that man?

Men, could you see the woman you are with now, raising your child(ren) full-time with you if your baby momma passed on, or could no longer be there for whatever reason?

All I'm saying is, life is short and we don't know when our time is coming. So ask yourself, "Is My Bizness In Order?" Food for thought!

Peace and always Love.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is Irv Gotti's Wife a Baby Momma?

Well many would say no, being that she is his wife, after all. But I beg to differ. This is a woman who already had a child, believed she found love, married this man and had his children (and I'm still not clear on that part). But on his show "Gotti's Way" he publicly said that she is not, or was not the one! And when did he come to this realization, at the altar, or after the last child???

Anyway, this woman has been hanging in there for the last seven years being treated as nothing more than a Baby Momma, although she is his wife. So I ask you again, Is Irv Gotti's Wife a Baby Momma? Still many would put her in another category based on the fact that she is someone's wife. The sad part is that she is a woman with a ring who has a husband; but her reality is much different. Like many she is there alone taking care of her children and running her household, wishing for her husband; except in her case she does this only five days a week because he comes there on the weekends (don't know how long that's gonna last). Her wish is the same as a single woman raising a child(ren), as well as a woman with a child(ren) in a relationship with the child's father or with another man.

What is your reality?

I will give Ms. Deb Gotti her props, because on this new season of the show she has definitely become more empowered! You go Deb, loved your interview on the Gail King Show on XM Radio. You have more support than you know. We pray for your continued growth, and that you get the real love you so rightfully deserve:) Salute to all the Wives who are really Baby Mommas!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shoulda Put a Ring on It?

"No, I don't think that once your married you could ever be a baby momma!" Shouted Natalie as she blasted the volume to Beyonce's Shoulda Put Ring on It. "I mean marriage is like so sacred that...I mean it really means something to me," she exclaimed.

"Look, Natalie we totally agree with you about the whole marriage thing and all, we are just saying that anyone could end up being a baby momma," Black countered.

"Well I'm not having children until I'm married," retorted Natalie, again. In the mist of the conversation their was a pause to complete the entire dance routine to Shoulda Put a Ring on It; in front of Natalie's, wall-to-wall, living-room mirror. Afterwards, out of breath she went on to say "being a baby momma is not equivalent to being married."

Completely frustrated, I shouted, "Shit, I know bitches who are married and their husbands don't do shit. They're more like baby mommas than some baby mommas I know."

No, no, I know," cried Natalie, as she walked over to the CD player to find the soundtrack for the next Soul Train line that was about jump-off; again, in front of her, wall-to-wall, living-room mirror, "that's not my point."

"So what the fuck is your point?" Black shouted.

With confidence Natalie said, "I'm just saying that Baby Mommas are like...less than married women."

Team Baby Momma

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Baby Momma Love

Baby Momma Love is the new blog created by two friends who are both Baby Mommies with lots of love! Our circumstances are different but our situations are the same. We wanted to create a blog to share our triumphs, our questions, our stories, our pain, and also connect with other Baby Mommies. Here we can have discussions and debates covering a myriad of topics pertaining to Baby Mommies. Not all Baby Mommies are about drama; there are many of us who are educated, strong, independent, loving, and who will continue to breakdown boundaries everyday.

By seeking understanding and searching for answers we hope to provide a platform to document the evolution of the Baby Momma. We look forward to sharing and hearing from all types of individuals, not only Baby Mommies! We are a new class of women ready to challenge old stereotypes and eager to take the world by storm! Join us as we forge ahead with our new movement.