Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Single Black Woman

There are many Black Women who are Single, we wanted to look at the "Why" please answer this question via a poll that was posted on the "Black Women Stand Up" Blog.

Share your thoughts on this issue by commenting below, but please take a moment and answer the poll question, thank you.


  1. Black women are single because there is a lack of good men out there. I've gone on 2 dates this year with working professionals. One in his 40's and the other in his 30's. A lawyer and a police officer! I realize they both have no substance. More interests in finding out if your insecure so that they can have sex with you. I always ask God to reveal early if they are no good and it happens like clock work. I'm 32 and I'm very head strong. I dont want a one night stand. I want a life time. And I feel like NYC black men are superficial. They meet you and judge you based on appearance. When the date doesn't go as planned they are not interested. I've decided to move! I'd love to date outside my race at this point. Who wants to hear what you drink ma? I'm over it. And the black men that are left that are good are busy being dogged out by a man eater.

  2. A few typos. What you should begin to have are speed dates! I read your blogs I'm sure you can get some eligible people with more to say than what you drinking to come. What about men who enjoy movies, plays, theatre, dinner, brunch, CHURCH. Men who loves God more than life it self. Men who can rub your feet. Instead your always on edge trying to figure out if there are running game! I'm not bitter. I'm very open to love. I met a guy last week seemed very pleasant on the subway. We began to speak and I asked does he smoke. He said yes. Weed! That's a deal breaker for me. If a man doesn't have God first We have nothing to discuss. And I refuse for someone to make me see weed any differently it's a drug. The world is corrupted at this point. If you don't have a true relationship with God how can you love me! Are there any good Christian men. I attend a mega church but when enter the Lords house I don't look for a date. I'm so busy trying to feel Gods love. Ladies I can go on!

  3. Anonymous I agree with you re: lack of good men out there; but I do believe that there are still a few good ones to be found:)

    You make some really valid points, especially about men being more interested in "finding out if you're insecure so they can have sex with you." You hit it on the head with that one! That is so true, and that is why women have to stand up for themselves and always use their intuition - God gave it to us for a reason, and it is real.

    "The what you drink ma" line, hilarious!!!

    Another important point you touched on is knowing your "deal breakers" if you don't know what you don't what or will not tolerate, how will you know what you want. So yes, I applaud you for sticking to that. Everyone isn't for everyone. Regarding the guy you met on the subway, he might just be someone who could be a good friend or maybe you might know someone else who he may be a good fit for. Just cause he smokes weed, doesn't mean he doesn't have a relationship with God.

    My belief is that people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. You might be the one to bring him to God if he doesn't have a personal relationship with Him already.

    I hope your move is not being based solely on lack of black men where you are or because of the losers that you have been meeting. Good luck with the move. And, there is nothing wrong with dating out of your race, keep your options open but don't give up on our Black Men entirely:) Love comes when we least expect it!

    Speed Dating and Socials are defintely being planned for adult professionals looking for love; so stay in touch, follow this blog - if you haven't yet, share with friends and God Bless.

    p.s. If you are someone else you know would like to be featured in the "Black Women Stand Up" Love Lounge where we will match eligible singles please send an email to

    Peace and Love,
    Team Baby Momma #22


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