Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pregnant, Single & Looking for a New Love...

Do you remember the song, "I'm Looking for a New Love", I believe Jody Watley sang it, it had a nice melody and you would always see the ladies on the dance floor with their hands in the air vibing and singing along "I'm looking for a new love baby, a new love baby, yeah yeah yeah!!!

Well, what do you think about a pregnant woman who is about to give birth in a short amount of time, and set on finding a New Love before she gives birth?

I posed this question because I recently watched an episode of Pregnant in Heels - a television show that airs on the Bravo network about a woman named Rosie Pope who is a Baby Conceirge, she also owns the Rosie Pope Maternity Boutique in New York City and Los Angeles. Anywho, one of Rose's clients was an ex-model named Akua, who was very pregnant, yes very:) she wanted Rosie's help in finding a New Love before the birth of her baby. I was intrigued as I watched, I know that people have strange requests, and this may not be along the lines of strange, but nevertheless it had my attention. I write about this, because it was so interesting watching the steps Rosie took in her efforts to get Ms. Akua ready to date while pregnant.

Even with all the coaching, Akua managed to screw up the date by saying many of the wrong things, which Rosie had already warned her to stay away from. During the date Akua was wired, and had an earpiece so that Rosie could monitor how things were going an alert her when she needed to switch gears. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, but Akua learned a valuable lesson.

Photo below from Bravo - Episode 8: The Pregnancy Dating Dilemma

Rosie meets Akua, a soon-to-be single mom who's determined to find a man now.
PREMIERE: Tuesday July 3, 10 pm - visit link here: http://www.bravotv.com/pregnant-in-heels/season-2/episode-8-the-pregnancy-dating-dilemma

At one point Akua said to Rosie "I just really want Love in my life," and Rosie had to remind her that she had Love, just a different kind. This Baby Momma (Akua) learned that she didn't need a man before she gave birth to complete her puzzle, that she already had all the love and support she would need at that time. It was a bittersweet ending. She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. She had the support of her Girlfriends, who were a big part of her life, and definitely in her corner; and in three months she began dating again!

There are many women out there like Akua, who feel a certain way because they got pregnant and the man who they thought was Mr. Right, turns out to be Mr. Oh So Wrong. You have to remember that life is about taking chances, we can never predict how the future will turn out, but we must have Faith and Believe that whatever we are faced with, that we can get through it, and make it out alright. We have choices, and when You choose to bring a child into this world, You have to realize that You just may end up raising that child alone. When men don't step up and handle their responsibility, it is not a reflection on you, it is their own Mess, and it's up to them to come to that realization and get whatever help they need in order to move forward and do what a Real Man is suppose to do! I don't believe that a woman would just want to be a Single Mother if she doesn't have to be, and being a Single Mother doesn't mean you are cursed and won't ever find true love or that you don't deserve true love.

Remember it is Doable, Love is there for you, You just have to be ready to receive it. That means focus on Loving Yourself, and Your Child correctly - then you can be open to receive Love from the Man of Your Dreams - when He shows up in your life.

Ladies, keep your head up, Love is there for you - But you have to realize that it may come in a different way than what you expected at first.

There is no Love Like the Love of a Baby Momma:)

Peace and Love,
Team Baby Momma #22

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