Friday, July 6, 2012

A Mother's Reflection

Wow, July has come in so quick; had a great 4th of July Holiday and today I sit here and reflect on the last couple of weeks. For me, June was a big turning point in my life as a parent. My child graduated from Highschool! It seems like we wait for this moment from when our children start Pre-K.

This signifies, a new beginning for not only the child but parents as well. For the single parent, it is a whole other feeling. You think about all the blood, sweat and tears...yes, I've had to deal with that phone call you get at work alerting you that your child was hurt, sick or whatever the case; all a part of being a parent. Hoping that this doesn't mean I'm gonna have to miss work, or please don't let them say the word "suspension", who's gonna watch him/her - a single parent's nightmare.

Anyway, that feeling when you see your child walk down that aisle, then go up on that stage to receive that diploma - is such a wonderful feeling, and one of a parent's most proud moments!!! It makes all that you had to go through during the last 12 years all worth it:) I am so proud of my child, and although I was filled with excitment, it was also a scary time because I know what's ahead. You can only hope that you have equipped your child to move forward ready to begin his/her next phase with Confidence, Integrity, Fearlessness, Excitement & the Ability to deal with all types of People; where they can handle themselves in the most toughest of situations.

For my child, college is the next phase, and I am so Happy! I wish him nothing but BETTER days ahead, I want him to learn, explore, grow and never be satisfied with with complaceny. Take chances, study abroad, travel and have fun while doing it; be an ADVENTURER, SET TRENDS and Always Be a LEADER:)

This has been a Mother's Reflection...Congratulations to all the other Mothers out there who have young men or woman who have Graduated from HS this past June of 2012, I Salute You!!!

With Love,
Team Baby Momma #22

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