Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quote from Reality Show Hollywood Exes...

"I consider them friends, I don't have Baby Mommas' cause I don't have no drama!" ~ Percy

The above quote was made by a gentleman named Percy to Andrea (R. Kelly's Ex-wife) - during one of their dates on the reality tv show "Hollywood Exes."

I thought it was an interesting quote, although it highlighted the fact that most people associate a baby momma with drama. It's beautiful that he calls them friends, and it is even more beautiful that he obviously doesn't experience the "drama" which most men claim to go thru with their respective baby mommas.

Shout out to Percy and his friends:) I didn't see him on the "Hollywood Exes" season finale show which aired yesterday, Wednesday - August 29th; but let me not jump to any conclusions - he could still be in the running.

What are your thoughts on Percy and his term of endearment towards his baby mommas?

Peace and Love,
Team Baby Momma #22

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